Marketing Strategy

Are you looking to launch a new product but don’t have the internal bandwidth to put together the plan. Do you feel like your current marketing efforts aren’t quite making the grade and could benefit from a new set of eyes looking it over? Have a specific audience target that you haven’t been able to break into?

Take advantage of Ballco’s experience across a variety of products and audiences to help you break through to the next level. We will collaborate with your staff to develop sound marketing plans that will allow you to make go/no-go decisions quickly.

Having been marketers for years, we know what it takes to develop a successful marketing strategy. First, we make sure we understand your goals and your organization. Next, we look at any history you may have that would help us learn what has worked and not worked in the past. We learn as much about your audience as is possible. Finally, using all of the information we’ve gathered as well as the experience we’ve garnered over the years, we develop a plan that fits your organization’s needs and budget.