Case Studies

Here are a few of the ways Ballco has helped clients solve their marketing challenges:

Outsourced Services

A non-profit association publishes several journals that are sold to non-members as well as being distributed to their members. The person in charge of managing the journal subscriptions left and the association was faced with the decision of whether to replace the employee or outsource subscription sales to a third party.

Ballco, in association with The Plimmer Group, was chosen to take over responsibility for non-member sales and overall subscription fulfillment. We quickly put together a promotion strategy to help grow their subscription business, prioritizing sources of subscriptions that should be tested based on the likelihood of producing profitable orders. We also took over the management of the subscription agents who are selling subscriptions to institutions to help grow that segment of their business.

The association now has the benefit of circulation expertise that they would not be able to hire as a full-time employee at a cost below that of an FTE. And their subscription marketing program is running more smoothly than it has in years.

Database Services

A large multi-title publisher with more than 100 magazines felt it was at a competitive disadvantage because they had not developed a consolidated subscriber database. This made it difficult for them to cross-promote additional products to their customers as well as provide unduplicated prospects for their advertising and list rental clients.

We worked with the company to identify a database vendor, define the needs of the system, work with the vendor to develop the database, load names into the database and verify that the system worked. We also helped to identify the needs of an internal analytics staff and hire the data analysts.

When the system was implemented the publisher was able to give its clients better insight into their customers, leading to more sales. And the profitability of their cross-promotion campaigns was also improved.

Marketing Strategy

A web startup in the medical field was looking to both grow their membership and to reach out to prospective business collaborators. They had two products that had overlapping audiences: their main product is narrowly focused, but a component of that product can be used by a much larger population. They had done a little marketing in the past but did not have any results that could be used to predict rollout results.

Ballco worked with the startup to develop two separate marketing plans. The first was for their main, narrowly focused website. We put together a plan that identified the potential size of the audience, the channels of sale, a test budget for each channel, and estimated results for the tests. We also helped them engage a social media marketing company to help them with blogging, Facebook and Twitter.

We focused on partnership marketing for their broader, secondary product. We determined that the most cost-effective way to grow their business was to focus on developing local partnerships before expanding nationwide. We helped them identify their most likely partners and put together a plan using direct mail, telemarketing and e-mail marketing to reach their target.